64 Pleasant Street

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Circa: 1634

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64 Pleasant Street Watertown, MA

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100,000 ft2


64 Pleasant Street is one of the oldest mill buildings in the area with known history dating back to the 1600s when it was founded by Mayhews Mill. For most of its history, the building was used as a paper mill. Other famous paper companies that resided in the properties were Hollinswoth & Whitney from 1865-1894 and Union Bag & Paper co. from 1894-1916. Union Bag & Paper was one of the largest manufacturers of paper grocery bags in the area. A historian once wrote that the paper bag was invented here, but that was later found to be incorrect.

In 1916 L.G. Chase & Co. took over the buildings and was responsible for much of the construction and renovation on the site. At its height in size, the property had over 27 buildings. Other famous historical tenants included Lewando’s Dyeing and Cleaning Co. and G. Fred Hatwood.

In the mid-1900s the buildings remaining were turned into office spaces. Sasaki Associates, Inc. moved into the building as tenants in the 1970s and eventually purchased the buildings in the late 1980s. They remain the owners and largest tenant. Other tenants include Joslin Lesser, Massachusetts Health Quality Partners, Air Graphics, BevNET, and CheckBox.


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The building at 64 Pleasant Street is located right on the Charles River overlooking the Watertown dam and Alewife fish run. The Charles River Walk runs just behind the building for employees to enjoy. The buildings reflect the years of additions and growth of buildings common in this mill district and thus have a variety of materials and styles from brick and beam, to lofts to terra cotta walls. Renovated windows let in an abundance of natural light and fresh air while historical clerestory windows can also still be seen high above some of the spaces. Tenant owners offer a high attention to detail and readily available management staff. The location can be easily accessed by public transportation and features locker rooms for employees commuting via bicycle.