Chapel Business Center

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Circa: 1898

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59-85 Chapel Street Newton, MA

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78,100 ft2


Built originally in 1898 as a textile mill where textiles were spun, woven, and dyed. The earliest known business to reside in the Chapel Business Center buildings was Saxony Worsted Mills in 1910. Over the years, additional buildings were added to the mill.

From the 1930s to 1970s the buildings were owned and operated by the Futurity Thread Company. In the late 1970’s as mill operations ceased, high tech manufacturers moved in and the buildings were home to such companies as dbx, Inc. and Kintek, both audio electronics manufacturers.

In the 1980s and 1990s some of the outbuildings were demolished to make better use of the area, as the buildings began being used for office space for various types of businesses. Current tenants include: Austen Arts, Charles River Coworking, Heuresis Corporation, Everyscape, Mise, Inc., Ame & Lulu, Overhead Door, Boston Device Development, Aria Marketing, Barrett Technology, Audiodave, Advance Systems, Metrowest Collaborative, Akaal Animal Clinic, and Tom Harper River Cruises.


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A brick structure with stone foundations, Chapel Business Center maintains a clear sense of its history. Featuring sandblasted wood beams, columns, and ceilings in some spaces, and beautifully painted exposed wood ceilings and beams in others juxtaposed against original brick walls, the spaces are both funky and inviting. Some spaces are two stories and many feature clerestory monitor windows located between 14 and 20 feet above the finished floor, a unique feature of historical mill buildings. The site offers ample parking and a variety of restaurants and shops within walking distance. Chapel Business Center also houses one of only a few coworking spaces in the area, complete with internet, printing, and coffee service and an IT consultant on site as well.