ChapelBridge Park

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Circa: 1850

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55 Chapel Street Newton, MA

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250,00 ft2


In the 1850s, Englishman Thomas Dalby founded a hosiery and stocking mill at this location. He was responsible for constructing the original building at 57 Chapel Street.

After the Civil War, the mill was purchased by Nonantum Worsted and it was converted to a wool mill where they spun worsted wool yarn with steam powered spinning machines. Around this time the building at 55 Chapel Street was constructed. In 1896 the building was sold once again to the Saxony Company which made many renovations and enlargements. Of note, the famous Stanley Steamer Cars were manufactured for a time in the building at 80 Bridge Street. With the textile industry in decline in the 1920s and Raytheon Company growing rapidly in the area, that company purchased the buildings. Raytheon used the property as a high tech manufacturing and R&D facility.

In 1965 the property was purchase by current owners Chapel Bridge Park Associates. Many upgrades and renovations have been made since to preserve its great history while accommodating the needs of modern businesses. Some Aircuity, Altium, Barclay Water Management, Champ Internet Solutions, Ceaco, Commodore Builders, Curly Girl Design, Design Shop, Flightview, Inficon, Law Offices (HS&H), Marketsight, Metasystems, MHPI, Mom Central, NBTS, Nesca, Next Step, OTA, Paytronix, Renesola America, SnapApp, and Summit Educational Group.


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While the property contains many modern upgrades such as open lobbies with wifi, a cafeteria, and a fitness center, Chapelbridge Park also has maintained a close relationship with its history and maintained features of historical significance in its buildings. In 55 Chapel Street there are still tunnels (not generally open to the public) which were originally used to move coal from building to building without having to go outside into the elements. In the lower lobby you can still see the brick footings with old steel rails once used to move goods. 80 Bridge Street had an enormous loft area with huge beam construction unique to that building. At the entrance to 57 a wooden spiral staircase remains with modern reinforcements for safety. The building offers ample parking with both tenant and visitor reserved spaces and general parking. It is easily accessible both from Boston and Cambridge and surrounding areas via the Mass Pike and I-95 as well as to public transit. There are many shops and restaurants within easy walking distance. The buildings and bathrooms are all ADA compliant for easy access. The management and construction management are in-house and on-site.